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How long does it take to get veneers?

Assuming your smile is healthy and free of gum disease or decay, the process usually takes two to three weeks from the initial consultation to the placement of your veneers. If you have any underlying issues, we need to address those first, so the process for you may be longer.

Once you and Dr. Pruce decide that porcelain veneers in Washington, PA are the right solution for you, the next step is to prepare the tooth or teeth being treated. Since this restoration adds thickness to your tooth, we need to remove an equal amount of dental enamel, usually no more than 0.5mm. The result is veneers that fit snugly along your gum line and look natural.

Next, our team takes impressions of your teeth, and we help you choose a shade for your veneers that complements your smile. We’ll create a set of temporaries for you to wear, and we send the impressions and our specifications to a custom dental lab that prepares your final restorations.

In about two weeks when we receive your veneers back from the lab, you return to Pruce Dental to have the temporaries removed. We make any adjustments for fit and comfort and bond the final veneers to the surface of your teeth.

If you’re dreaming of a better smile and want to learn more about porcelain veneers, please call us to arrange a consultation with Dr. Pruce to get you started.

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