Comfortable Extractions in Washington, PA

Our goal is to do everything we can to save your natural teeth. But there are times when extracting a troubled tooth is the only option for protecting your overall oral health and avoiding further discomfort in the future.

We perform tooth extractions to prevent complicated dental problems and treat a number of illnesses.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

We are committed to educating you about good oral health because, in many cases, extraction can be avoided with proper dental care. While Dr. Robert Pruce is well-versed in complex restorations, he will exhaust all options for saving the tooth. However, if we believe that extraction is the best course of action, we will review all the reasons with you and answer your questions about the procedure. 

There are a number of circumstances where extraction may be the best choice:

  • A decayed or broken tooth is so damaged it can’t be fixed with treatment like a root canal.
  • Advanced gum disease has developed, making extraction necessary to save the gums and the rest of the teeth.
  • We’re preparing for orthodontic treatment and need to remove one or more teeth for the best results.
  • A wisdom tooth has erupted in such a way that it compromises surrounding teeth.

We Care about Your Concerns

Dr. Pruce has a reputation among his patients for performing tooth extractions that are as gentle and comfortable as they can possibly be. But we know you may still be a little intimidated by the idea of the procedure. Anxiety about this extraction is very common, but our sensitive, compassionate team knows that a big dose of TLC will go a long way toward helping you relax. 

We’ve found that our calm environment and gentle approach are often all that is needed to help you through your procedure with a minimum of stress. If you suffer with mild to moderate anxiety, however, you may benefit from the use of nitrous oxide sedation. For surgical procedures or long restorative appointments, Dr. Pruce works with a licensed anesthesiologist to provide safe IV conscious sedation here at our office.

Most extractions can be performed right here in our Washington dental office. However, Dr. Pruce may decide that your case requires the expertise of an oral surgeon who is equipped to perform even the most complex surgical extractions. In this case, he will coordinate with the oral surgeon to monitor your post-op recovery then provide you with the perfect tooth replacement solution.

Call to Get the Help You Need

Are you concerned about a tooth that's causing you discomfort? If so, reach out to us for a consultation. We offer emergency treatment at our Washington dental office too, so please don't hesitate to call us if you’re in pain. We'll get you in to see us so we can get you the relief you need as quickly as possible.