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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Teeth Grinding/TMJ Treatment

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Teeth Grinding/TMJ Treatment

Custom athletic mouth guards available at Pruce Dental are far superior to generic guards found at a sporting goods store.

They are not only more durable, but unlike generic stock or “boil and bite” mouth guards, we fabricate your custom athletic guard using impressions of your teeth. This results in a perfect fit that protects all surfaces of your teeth because it is specifically made to fit your mouth. A comfortable fit is important for athletic guards because it means you or your child will be more likely to wear the guard.

Protecting your child’s teeth during athletic activity is essential. Estimates provided by the American Dental Association indicate that mouth guards prevent 200,000 oral injuries annually. It’s great that we are getting better in general about protecting our kids’ teeth during sports. But the National Youth Sports Foundation estimates that millions of teeth will still be knocked out in sporting activities each year.

This is unfortunate and unnecessary. If you or your child participates in any type of sports activity, you owe it to yourself to give us a call. Creating a custom mouth guard is easy, and it will give you peace of mind knowing that your child’s precious teeth are adequately protected.

Many of us grind or clench our teeth during moments of high stress or anxiety. But for some, grinding (bruxism) is a chronic problem that can quickly take its toll on the health and structure of your smile.

The fact is that your upper and lower teeth should only be in contact for a few minutes a day while chewing. Unfortunately, many people grind their teeth during sleep and are unaware the problem exists. It only becomes apparent if they experience headaches or neck pain or their dentist points out signs of damage.

Teeth grinding is destructive and can add years of wear to your dental enamel. Our focus is on preserving the structure of your teeth long into the future, so we must take steps now to protect them from the damage of teeth grinding.

At Pruce Dental, we offer a straightforward, conservative solution to bruxism. We can't necessarily stop the action of grinding, but we can prevent significant damage to your teeth with an occlusal guard (night guard) that you wear while you sleep. 

This device looks like a mouth guard and is customized using impressions of your teeth. It protects your teeth by preventing the upper and lower jaws from coming into contact with each other. Without the stress of grinding, your jaw can relax and you’ll experience much-needed relief.

If you are concerned that teeth grinding is a problem for you, please call our Washington, PA dental office to arrange a convenient consultation.

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