Crowns & Bridges in Washington, PA

There is no reason for anyone to live from day to day with teeth that are hurting, injured, or even missing altogether. If a tooth contains a large amount of decay, it becomes weak and may require more help than a filling to repair.

Of course, when a tooth needs to be extracted, it leaves behind an obvious gap in your smile. Teeth that are missing or damaged by decay are unhealthy, unattractive, and get in the way of your ability to enjoy your life. The simplest actions like eating and speaking can become a challenge, and you may feel like hiding your smile when speaking with others.

Trust Skill and Experience

At Pruce Dental, we offer several quality restorative options, including custom crowns and bridges that are designed to protect, strengthen, and complete a damaged smile.

Over the past 21 years, Dr. Robert Pruce has devoted himself to expertly restoring damaged smiles. He continues to pursue continuing education courses to stay current with the latest materials and technology, so you can expect to receive the highest quality treatment available.

With his extensive experience, you can be confident that Dr. Pruce will guide you in choosing the treatment that will not only improve the health of your teeth but also enhance the appearance of your smile.

How We Use Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are commonly used to strengthen a tooth and protect it from further damage. The purpose of a crown is to restore the tooth to full health and allow you to speak and chew normally.

Crowns are a versatile solution, and there are many cases where a crown is the most effective treatment option:

  • After root canal treatment, to provide support and protection for the tooth
  • Chronic clenching and grinding has weakened a tooth to the point that it needs protection
  • A tooth has fractured and cannot be repaired with a filling or composite bonding
  • Restoration of dental implants

A crown is designed to encase a natural tooth, and you may also hear them referred to as "caps." The ability to completely hide the natural tooth makes crowns the perfect choice for addressing cosmetic imperfections like a severely stained tooth that resists professional whitening.

Everyone has different needs, so we offer several materials for crowns, including gold, porcelain fused to metal, porcelain, or zirconia. Dr. Pruce will make a recommendation that fits your oral health needs as well as your budget. 

Fixed Dental Bridges

A missing tooth looks terrible and detracts greatly from your quality of life. The simplest actions like chewing and speaking can be difficult and uncomfortable, not to mention the toll that tooth loss takes on your confidence. A dental bridge restores function, improves your appearance, and makes you want to smile again.

But a dental bridge is also a good solution because it protects your oral health. Even if just one tooth is missing, adjacent teeth will gradually start to move into the gap. This movement may cause teeth to move out of alignment which can lead to more complicated issues like teeth grinding and TMJ disorders.

At Pruce Dental, we use dental bridges to:

  • Fill the space left by a missing tooth
  • Keep neighboring teeth from drifting into the empty space
  • Allow you to chew and eat normally
  • Offer a permanent solution to a removable partial denture

Your customized bridge is secured to adjacent teeth and is very stable. In certain cases, however, we may determine that stabilizing the bridge with a dental implant will provide significantly improved function.

Please Call Us to Learn More

We don’t think you should have to put up with teeth that cause discomfort or compromise your confidence. Please call our Washington dental office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Pruce to discuss all your options for restoring your beautiful smile.