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Should You Replace a Missing Tooth? Here are 3 Signs That Point to Yes!

When we are little, losing a tooth is a fantastic event! We even call in the tooth fairy to celebrate. But tooth loss later in life is nothing to cheer about.

Not only are you now missing a tooth, but your self-esteem can suffer. You may find it difficult to face the day, go to work, and talk with new people when your smile is not what you would like it to be.

3 Reasons to Consider Tooth Replacement

Of course, replacing the tooth is not mandatory, but there are many signs to indicate when it’s the best choice for you.

  • You want to eat more comfortably - Each of your teeth plays a ...

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3 Drinks to Avoid If You Want a Bright Smile

Teeth Whitening shades | teeth whitening washington pa

There is nothing like a confident smile to create positive first impressions and allow you to express yourself freely. Unfortunately, if you’re less than happy with the brightness of your teeth, you may want to hide your smile from others. This makes you self-conscious, but others are also likely to see you as being unhappy, unfriendly, or unapproachable. 

Of course, that’s not the impression you’re trying to project! There’s really no need to live with dull, stained teeth when so many convenient options are available today for brightening your smile! If you have already made the decision to whiten your teeth, you may wonder what you can do to prolong the ...

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Missing Teeth – Why They’re a Problem and How We Can Help

Woman embarrassed of smile | missing teeth washington pa

If you’ve ever lost a tooth, you know that it can be a pretty devastating experience.

The result is the same whether the tooth is lost due to decay or some kind of dental trauma like a sports injury; you have a gaping space in your mouth, and you’re certain it’s the only thing people notice when they see you.

Yes, a missing tooth is unattractive, and this can have a major effect on your lifestyle. When a tooth is missing, you will probably also find it difficult to speak clearly, and eating certain types of foods may be all but impossible.

In addition to these problems, your overall oral health can also ...

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Mission of Mercy Pittsburgh

Mission of Mercy | Washington PA Dentist

At Pruce Dental, our team is committed to giving back to the community that we have been privileged to serve for over 20 years. Whenever we have an opportunity to reach out to those in need, we are grateful to be able to do whatever we can to help.

Recently, Dr. Robert Pruce and his assistant Amanda volunteered their time at the Mission of Mercy dental clinic held at the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh. The goal of the clinic was to provide free dental care to 1,000 patients over a two-day period. The event was a huge success that involved 1,200 committed dental professionals who all came out ...

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Could Dental Sealants Improve Your Child’s Oral Health?

Young girl | Children's dentist Washington PA

You want your child to enjoy an active, happy lifestyle free of the worry of dental problems that can slow them down. The best way you can achieve this is by ensuring that your child receives preventive dental care like routine cleanings, exams, and dental sealants to protect their teeth.

What Are Dental Sealants?

A sealant is a plastic material we apply to the surfaces of teeth like molars that have rough surfaces that make them more prone to cavities. Since these teeth are further back in the mouth, they can be difficult to clean thoroughly, and the grooves attract food particles and bacteria.

When a tooth is coated with a dental sealant, ...

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