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What does a dental bridge do?

At Pruce Dental we offer several types of dental restorations. A restoration is any treatment that returns your tooth or teeth back to their full, natural function and appearance. A dental
bridge is the type of restoration we choose when you have a missing tooth. When a tooth is missing, several other problems can occur as a result. You will likely have some difficulty chewing comfortably and speaking clearly. Worse yet, if we don't replace the tooth, surrounding teeth gradually drift into the opening and lead to misalignment and problems
associated with your dental bite.

A bridge is made up of an artificial tooth called a pontic that fills the empty space. Since it has nothing to support it, we attach dental crowns on either side that we then secure to adjacent
teeth. Working as a unit, the restoration literally “bridges” the gap left by a missing tooth. Dr. Pruce has created many dental bridges for Washington, PA patients that are not only functional but also solve the esthetic problem of an apparent gap in your smile. Our bridges look natural and blend seamlessly surrounding teeth, so no one will notice that you have had
any work done.

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