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Looking for A Teeth Whitening Solution That Really Works? 5 Reasons to Consider KöR Whitening

Nothing can give your smile and confidence a boost quite like teeth whitening! But are all your efforts producing the bright smile you desire?

You have a lot of choices because there is an overwhelming variety of over-the-counter whitening products available. But lots of people spend a great deal of time and money only to be disappointed by the results and the discomfort of irritated gums.

The truth is that professional teeth whitening with your dentist will always be the most effective way to see the results you want. At our Washington, PA dental office, we have taken the process to a whole new level with KöR Whitening and Deep Bleaching.

If you have heard of KöR but wonder what makes it different from other whitening procedures, here are 5 reasons to consider KöR for your next treatment:

  • No damage to your dental enamel: KöR’s proprietary whitening gel is different from other whiteners because it penetrates deep into dental enamel. This makes it safer than other treatments that lift stains only from the surface enamel. 
  • Overnight whitening: Unlike other whitening trays that you can only wear for 20 or 30 minutes a day, KöR customized trays and gentle solution means you can wear them while you sleep for up to eight hours of active bleaching!
  • Brilliant outcome: A professional whitening treatment with KöR produces results that are vastly superior to other products. Using KöR, most patients enjoy a smile that is about 16 shades brighter!
  • Long-lasting results: Because of the unique way in which KöR works, results are permanent. After your initial treatment, just wear the trays overnight once a month to maintain your beautiful, bright smile.
  • Continue to enjoy your favorite beverages: With KöR, you no longer have to worry about the staining effects of coffee, tea, or red wine. Just maintain your monthly touchups to keep your smile bright and fresh. 

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