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3 Steps for Flossing Like a Pro

If you're brushing twice a day, you are taking a positive step to support good oral health. But if flossing isn't a regular part of your hygiene routine, you are only getting half the job done!

When used correctly, a toothbrush removes food debris and plaque from the surfaces of your teeth and along the gum line. But harmful bacteria tend to collect in the spaces between your teeth where a toothbrush can't reach. It's these hard-to-reach spaces that make flossing essential if you want to get your teeth really clean.

Unfortunately, a lot of people skip flossing and end up with decay or gum disease as a result. Flossing isn't complicated, ...

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Improve Your Smile and Your Life with Dental Implants

Does tooth loss make you want to hide your smile? Empty spaces in your mouth can certainly have a negative impact on your self-confidence, but they’re not good for your oral health either.

Fortunately, advances in dental technology have provided us with dental implants, a remarkable tooth replacement option. You may have only recently learned about dental implants, but they have actually been used successfully for many years with a 98 percent success rate!

What Does a Dental Implant Do?

A dental implant is a replacement tooth that looks and functions just like a natural tooth. A small titanium post is placed in the jawbone to replace the root of your missing tooth. ...

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Are Stained Teeth Ruining Your Smile? KöR Teeth Whitening Can Help!

The secret's out - professional teeth whitening is the easiest, most affordable way to revive a smile that is less than dazzling. In fact, it is the most common cosmetic treatment performed at Pruce Dental. This isn't a surprise, considering the brilliant results that we can achieve in a one-hour appointment. 

Just when we think that teeth whitening results can't get any more dramatic, a new product comes along that takes whitening to a whole new level. KöR Whitening and Deep Bleaching is a unique teeth whitening system that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations for a genuine smile makeover!

KöR delivers such exceptional results that patients ask for it by name. ...

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5 Surprising Ways We Use Crowns to Improve Your Smile

Most dental patients know that porcelain crowns are used to protect and strengthen a tooth. They are designed to completely cover a damaged tooth to restore the structure needed for chewing comfortably. Crowns are often indicated to repair a fractured or damaged tooth, for use with a dental bridge, to restore a dental implant, or to strengthen a tooth after root canal treatment.

Improve Your Smile with Crowns

But patients looking for dental crowns at our Washington, PA dental office are often surprised to find that they can also be used to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Since they fit over your tooth like a cap, porcelain crowns offer many opportunities ...

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What's the Difference between a Crown and a Bridge?

The goal of crowns and bridges is the same in that they both restore the strength and structure needed to chew comfortably by creating a "new" tooth. 

How We Use Crowns

In the case of worn or damaged teeth, a crown creates a new structure because it completely surrounds the existing tooth. We commonly use crowns in the following situations:

  • Protect a tooth damaged by decay when a filling isn't sufficient
  • Strengthen and protect a tooth after root canal treatment
  • Protect a fractured or cracked tooth
  • Restore the functioning part of a tooth after implant placement

We can also use esthetic all-porcelain or zirconia crowns to alter the shape or size of a tooth to improve its ...

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