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What's the Difference between a Crown and a Bridge?

The goal of crowns and bridges is the same in that they both restore the strength and structure needed to chew comfortably by creating a "new" tooth. 

How We Use Crowns

In the case of worn or damaged teeth, a crown creates a new structure because it completely surrounds the existing tooth. We commonly use crowns in the following situations:

  • Protect a tooth damaged by decay when a filling isn't sufficient
  • Strengthen and protect a tooth after root canal treatment
  • Protect a fractured or cracked tooth
  • Restore the functioning part of a tooth after implant placement

We can also use esthetic all-porcelain or zirconia crowns to alter the shape or size of a tooth to improve its ...

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Veneers or Bonding - Which is Right for You?

No single cosmetic treatment is right for everyone. 

No two patients have the same unique concerns, needs, or desires, so cosmetic smile makeovers come in all shapes and sizes.

Two popular treatments for concealing or reshaping your teeth for a better appearance are porcelain veneers and bonding. They both seem to address the same problems, so what's the difference?

First, you should know a little bit about what each treatment offers:

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers consist of a super-thin shell of translucent porcelain that is bonded to the front surface of your teeth.  Veneers are customized at a dental lab to fit each tooth perfectly and conceal flaws like slightly misaligned teeth, wide or uneven ...

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Thinking about Veneers? Facts You Should Consider before You Decide

In the past, the main focus of dentistry was the health of a patient’s smile. However, dentists today are realizing the positive impact a beautiful smile has on a patient’s self-esteem and confidence. 

Why Choose Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are a popular treatment used by dentists to conceal imperfections that affect the appearance of your smile. Veneers can easily correct a wide range of cosmetic dental imperfections that prevent you from feeling your best.

If you are considering veneers, there are a few facts you should know:

  • Veneers are made of porcelain, a durable material that is used for many esthetic restorations.
  • Since veneers mimic the sheen and translucency of natural dental enamel, they look beautiful ...

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5 Facts You Should Know Before Deciding on Dental Implants!

Dental Implant With Crown

We take for granted all the work our teeth do until one is lost. All your teeth work together, so losing the function of even one tooth can cause discomfort when you try to eat your favorite foods. Teeth also help to support your facial structure, so a missing tooth can cause you to look older and make you feel self-conscious about your appearance.

Our goal is to help you find a tooth replacement solution so you can get back to enjoying life again. You do have options to consider, but the preferred method for tooth replacement is dental implants.

Even if you have heard of implants, you may not know how ...

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When You Might Opt for a Crown Instead of a Filling

Each dental restoration we recommend serves a unique purpose with the intention of prolonging the life of your tooth. Occasionally, we recommend a dental crown rather than a filling to treat dental decay and other oral diseases that put your tooth at risk.

If you have recently received a recommendation for a dental crown, you might wonder why a filling is not enough. Here are some things to consider.

Dental Decay Is in Advanced Stages

When you think of dental decay, a filling probably pops into your mind. In most cases, a filling will do the trick and successfully seals and protects your tooth after we remove a cavity. In other cases, however, ...

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