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Do you treat children?

We love treating kids and helping them get a head start on a lifetime of excellent oral health. Our team has lots of experience working with children, and we know how to give them the individual attention they need to feel comfortable and at ease.

It is especially important to treat children with a gentle touch and help them to feel safe and secure when they’re with us. The best thing we can do for your child is to help them see that dental visits are not something to be afraid of.

Too many adults have had negative dental experiences and grown up to avoid dentists because of fear and anxiety. We certainly don’t want this to happen to your child!

We offer children’s dentistry at our Washington, PA dental office for kids from the ages of two and up but will be happy to see your child before that if you have concerns.

By this age, they usually have several of their baby teeth, and we need to monitor the condition of these very important teeth to keep them healthy. Losing a tooth too early due to decay can create more complicated oral health problems in the future. 

We welcome the opportunity to meet your child and let them get to know us in our calm and friendly office setting. Please contact us to arrange that all-important first visit

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The Pruce Dental office is permanently closing.

Thank you for supporting us over the past 20 years. For copies of your x-rays please send a request to with the name and email address of your new dental office.