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Are Stained Teeth Ruining Your Smile? KöR Teeth Whitening Can Help!

The secret's out - professional teeth whitening is the easiest, most affordable way to revive a smile that is less than dazzling. In fact, it is the most common cosmetic treatment performed at Pruce Dental. This isn't a surprise, considering the brilliant results that we can achieve in a one-hour appointment. 

Just when we think that teeth whitening results can't get any more dramatic, a new product comes along that takes whitening to a whole new level. KöR Whitening and Deep Bleaching is a unique teeth whitening system that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations for a genuine smile makeover!

KöR delivers such exceptional results that patients ask for it by name. But what makes KöR whitening so unique? 

Exceptionally Effective

KöR is different from other professional whitening products because its whitening gel is formulated to allow your teeth to absorb oxygen. This means that the oxygen from the gel can penetrate deeply into the teeth, dissolving stain molecules.

Whatever the science behind the process, the really big news is that KöR can remove even the most resistant stains and lighten dental enamel by up to 16 shades!  KöR is one of the few whitening treatments effective for hard-to-treat conditions like tetracycline staining.

Easy, Convenient Treatment

For all its amazing capabilities, a KöR professional whitening treatment is quite simple. We perform an initial procedure here at Pruce Dental and send you home with comfortable custom-made whitening trays. You wear the trays for two weeks at night while you sleep and follow up with periodic at-home treatments. It's that easy!

Gentle on Teeth and Gums

The KöR whitening system is designed to be gentle on your teeth and gums. The proprietary whitening gel was developed to cause significantly less irritation than conventional whitening treatments.

Long-Term, Natural Results

Most professional teeth whitening treatments are effective but need to be repeated periodically to maintain results. With easy touch-up treatments at home, KöR whitening is entirely permanent. 

Call Pruce Dental for Your Brightest Smile!

We think you deserve the brightest, most beautiful smile possible, and KöR teeth whitening at our Washington, PA dental office can help. Please give us a call for more information or to schedule a convenient appointment!


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