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3 Drinks to Avoid If You Want a Bright Smile

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There is nothing like a confident smile to create positive first impressions and allow you to express yourself freely. Unfortunately, if you’re less than happy with the brightness of your teeth, you may want to hide your smile from others. This makes you self-conscious, but others are also likely to see you as being unhappy, unfriendly, or unapproachable. 

Of course, that’s not the impression you’re trying to project! There’s really no need to live with dull, stained teeth when so many convenient options are available today for brightening your smile! If you have already made the decision to whiten your teeth, you may wonder what you can do to prolong the bright effects that make you want to show off your smile. 

Keeping Your Smile Bright

If you want to maintain the brightness of your fresh, new smile, you may need to make a few sacrifices. In addition to smoking and poor oral hygiene, many of the foods and drinks you consume every day are responsible for staining your teeth.

Three beverages that are best known for causing stains on teeth are coffee, red wine, and cola drinks. You don’t necessarily need to eliminate them altogether, but if you drink coffee throughout the day, you probably won’t be able to maintain the results of your whitening treatment for very long!

If you do decide to indulge in these beverages, keep a glass of water nearby to help rinse away their stain-causing pigments. Another trick is to try drinking through a straw to minimize the contact that the liquid has with your teeth. And, of course, brush your teeth as soon as you can!

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